Israel Hamas War: Israel Allegedly Drops Poisonous White Phosphorus Bomb(Globally Banned)In Gaza After Hamas Attack

Israel Hamas war

White phosphorus ignites when it comes into contact with air and can burn human flesh. Air strikes that continue to bombard the Gaza Strip reports have emerged that Israel used poisonous White Phosphorus bombs in densely populated residential areas in Gaza.

In a statement, the Israel Defence Force has said that they targeted a structure that houses operatives and several of the military group operational command centers, including A 3-floor facility. Israel's order to completely block Gaza includes electricity power, water, food, and fuel.

They further continued that we are fighting against human animals. A total of 1300 Palestinians died after an air strike in the Israel Hamas war.

US President Joe Biden approves emergency military aid package to Israeli occupation birth 8 billion dollar

President Biden affirmed US support for Israel in a phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday the White House announced. This morning I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the horrific and ongoing attacks on Israel.

Biden said in a statement the United States equally condenses this appeal assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza and I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that We are ready to provide all necessary support to the government and people of Israel.

The U.S. deploys the largest worship in the world to assist Israel in the Israel Hamas war

Washington AP Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said Sunday he has ordered the Ford Career Strike group to sail to the Eastern Mediterranean to be ready to assist Israel after an Attack by a mass that has left more than 1,000 dead on both sides Americans were reported to be among those killed and missing.

The USS Gerald the navy's newest and the most advanced aircraft career and its appropriate 5000 sailors and Deck of Warplanes will be accompanied by cruisers and destroyers in a show of force that is meant to be ready to respond to anything from possible interdicting additional weapons after reaching a Hamas and conducting surveillance.

Hezbollah targets Israeli observation points on the border

Lebanon Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on Shiba Farms an area occupied by Israel Saying it was in solidarity with Palestinian people. In retaliation, Israel fired at Southern Lebanon. Israel declared war against the Palestinian military and Hamar after they initiated a rapid military operation against Israel. More than 2,500 people have been killed on both sides since the Israel Hamas war started.

Israeli rocket hitting the residents of Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to exact huge vengeance for this wicked day Israel's air strike on Gaza began soon after the Hamas attack. they continue overnight and into Sunday destroying what is right claims are the groups of a training camp and homes among the other buildings.

The Israeli Military announced its fighter jet had destroyed 800 militant targets in Gaza. Gaza health ministry said Israel strikes hit civilian residential buildings and complexes such as mosques.

United Nations has said the number of these displaced residents of Gaza has risen to more than 123,500 as a result of fighting between the Israeli Military and Hamas with the number expected to rise in the Israel Hamas war.

Israel increased air strikes on civilians in Palestine's Gaza

Israel enters Gaza and steals all the food and water supplies from Gaza. The Israeli army said it had taken control of most of southern Gaza following a Hamas offensive that surprised its army and intelligence agencies and led to the first road conflict in a decade. Hamas and other Palestinian forces in Gaza say they have captured more than 130 soldiers and civilians captured from Israeli territory. Israel sent tanks and drones to prevent violation of Gaza border fences to prevent new attacks.

Thousands of Israelis fled more than a dozen towns near Gaza and the army held 300,000 hostages; This is a huge increase in a short time. This move, along with Israel's declaration of war on Sunday, shows that Israel has turned its attack on Hamas and is threatening to cause further harm to the people living and suffering in Gaza.

Israeli army death toll reaches 200 in Israel Hamas war

Israeli Army announced the death toll of 200 soldiers since the start of fighting between Hamas and the Israeli Military. The Times of Israel website reported that the Israeli army released another 38 soldiers killed in the fighting, bringing the overall toll to 200. However, the total number of Israeli soldiers killed is 1000 while the number of wounded is 3000 as per reports in Israel Hamas war.

The United Nations is struggling to help innocent civilians in Gaza

The UN Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday that it has been struggling to accommodate over 187,518 Palestinians in Gaza displaced by ongoing Israeli air strikes as hospitals and schools that it runs across the Gaza Strip were damaged in the fighting. In its report, the organization stated that the 83 schools it operates in Gaza, which hosts approximately 137,500 people, have become overcrowded and that drinking water is limited in some of them. They worked to provide adequate wipes, cleaning equipment, and fuel canisters. Ongoing conflict is disrupting work in the small area and UNRWA said nearly half a million people were unable to receive food aid this week because they were forced to close its distribution centre.