Israel Hamas war live update news

"Israel Hamas War Live Update News - News Anchor Reporting
  • Heavy Israeli bombing in Gaza continues on the 5th day of the Israel-Hamas war:

On the 5th day of the Israel-Hamas war, Israel's bombing air strikes continued in Gaza Israel targeting residential areas such as the Mosque, Complex, and residential buildings in Gaza. Some people of Gaza are coming to the streets to save themselves but have no way to go as the air strikes are everywhere.

  • Israeli Army claimed that they had killed 1000 Hamas fighters in Israel Hamas war

Israel's army says they have counted 1000 bodies of Hamas fighters in war.

  • Atleast 300 children were killed in Gaza after Israel's air strike.

At least 300 children were killed by Israel air strike in Gaza, Palestinian Health Ministry reported. The Palestinian health ministry reported that Israel's air strikes have destroyed 48 schools,10 hospitals, and 22,600 residential units in Gaza since Saturday.

  • The U.S. is considering deploying a 2nd aircraft carrier near Israel.

On Saturday President Biden announced to help Israel with his military and provided 8 billion dollars to destroy Hamas. The president of the United States Biden then sent his second aircraft carrier near Israel to fight against Gaza.

  • Saudi Arabia calls (OIC the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Saudi Arabia prince MBS(Mohammad Bin Salman) calls for an urgent ministerial meeting of the organization of Islamic cooperation regarding the escalation in Gaza.

  • Putin's ally Ramzan Kadyrov offered to send his Army to fight alongside Palestinians.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov Declared his support for Palestinians and offered to send his soldiers immediately in the conflict between Israel and Hamas war.

  • Israel air strikes bombs target university campus in Gaza

Israeli fighter have targeted lasted university in Gaza. Ahmed Orabi, the university official, said the intense air strikes completely destroyed some buildings of the university.

  • UN says has Gaza food and water supplies for12days

The UN Palestinian Authority told reporters it had less than two weeks of food and water to help more than 180,000 people seeking refuge in schools in Gaza. "We gave food & water to 11 children a day. The roads are closed, we have no phones, our network is under air strikes. It is very difficult to know what is happening," said Jennifer Austin, director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Gaza assistant "We rely on our workers, who are themselves refugees, coming out to help. The situation we are facing is unprecedented. We are not giving up on who will go," she added.

  • The Ministry of Health Palestine

The Ministry of Health Palestine Reported 950 palestinians has been killed and 5000 others were injured during the Israeli aggression against Gaza on October 11.

  • Israel warns Egypt

Aid trucks reaching Gaza will be bombed says israel officials.

Israeli Army bombs Gaza-Egypt border crossing

The rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt has been targeted by 3 Israeli air strike in last 24 hours as Palestine in attempt to flee deadly Israeli air strike a rights group reported.

The Rafah border crossing is a key humanitarian corridor used by the red Crescent to deliver aid to the besieged gaza strips, home to more than two million palestinians. it is currently the only gateway in and out of Gaza.

The air strike targeted the crossing follow Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant’s announcement of a complete siege of Gaza, sealing it off from supplies of water, electricity, food and fuel.

In response the UN high commissioner of Human Rights Volker Turk stated on Tuesday that the imposition of total siege is prohibited under international law.

Four consecutive days of air predominantly targeted civilian infrastructure on the strip, and follow and unprecedented assault staged by Hamas on saturday, when 100s of Palestinian fighters stormed the boundary fence ringing Gaza by air, land and sea. so far, at least 1,000 israelis and 900 palestinians have been killed.

The UNRWA destroyed by Israeli air strike.

The Headquarter of United Nation subsidiary in Gaza, the United Nation relief and works agency for Palestine Refugeein the near east(UNRWA) saw significant damaged by Israeli heavy bombardment of besieged enclave overnight. According to the UNRWA collateral attraction and direct damages has been recorded to at least 18 UNRWA facilities include Schools shelter and hospitals.

Palestine should have a separate state says Vladmir Putin

On Tuesday, during a joint press conference with Iraq's Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the establishment of a Palestinian state is a "necessity". Putin said the Israeli-Gaza conflict, demonstrates the"failure" of United states policy in middle east. He futher added I think many people of the world would agree with me that it's a crystal clear example of the failure of United states politics in Arab world.

Putin claimed that Washington's actions disregard the "fundamental interests of the Pale-stinian people." He went on to state that instead of seeking out workable options, the US was trying to monopolize the resolution of the Israel-Palestine dispute, advancing its agenda, and applying pressure to both parties.